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Rock Level 5 - Toto

Learn to Play Toto's Hold The Line

Rock Level 5 - Toto Exercise Group

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Warm Up Routine :  Daily Dumming Grade I    [change]

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Main Exercise Group

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# Exercise Name   Description Minutes Done %Progress
1Ex #0Left and Right Hand StrengthSingle Handed Sixteenth Notes
2Ex #122Half Bar Sixteenth BurstsKick Drum Stamina and Accuracy
3Ex #43Alternating FlamsGrace Note Followed by a Single Note at Full Volume
4Ex #119Song IntroHold the Line
5Ex #11612/8 Pattern With Open HatHold the Line
6Ex #123The right-foot ShuffleKick Drum Stamina and Accuracy
7Ex #121Song Section FillHold the Line
8Ex #54Single ParadiddleDiddle Rudiments
9Ex #117Bass Drum Variation #1Hold the Line
10Ex #126One ah two andKick Drum Stamina and Accuracy
11Ex #118Bass Drum Variation #2Hold the Line
12Ex #120Song OutroHold the Line

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Song Hold the Line Play along to Toto's Hold the Line