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Constant Bass Drum Sixteenths

Kick Drum Stamina and Accuracy

  • Hear Chart 90 bpm
  • Metronome 54 bpm  
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    set [  30  ]

=50 - 160  |   Constant Bass Drum Sixteenths   |  =2minutes

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Constant Bass Drum Sixteenths

   Drum Chart    Exercise #124   Beginner to Intermediate

Constant Bass Drum Sixteenths  KICK DRUM STAMINA AND ACCURACY


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It is recommended to do this exercise at least 4 times, consecutively each session.

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Play sixteen straight notes per bar with your right foot and play the 2 and 4 with your left.

Keep your right foot flat on the pedal for this exercise and pivot your foot about your heel. You can feel uncomfortable at first - especially your Tibialis Anterior (front outer muscle). Stop the exercise (and timer) when it gets uncomfortable and start again when you feel like it has recovered.


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