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Drum Pad Exercises 1

Exercises Just for Drum Pad or Snare Drum

Drum Pad Exercises 1 Exercise Group

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# Exercise Name   Description Minutes Done %Progress
1Ex #273Warm UpThrow Down
2Ex #173Pad 1 2 3 4Basic Pad Pattern
3Ex #17Bring in the RightEighth to Sixteenth Note Transitions
4Ex #20Bring in the LeftEighth to Sixteenth Note Transitions
5Ex #22Triplet TransitionsQuarter and Triplet Note Transitions
6Ex #5116th Note Accents #1Sixteenth Notes With the Accents on 1 and A
7Ex #65Pad 1 2+ 3e+a 4+Basic Pad Pattern
8Ex #194 over 3Sixteenth Notes On Top Triplet Underneath
9Ex #67Pad 1+a 2+ 3+a 4+Basic Pad Pattern

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