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Exercise Groups

Exercise Groups Listed by Category

Introducing the Drums

# Name Description % Progress
1Beginner 1Getting Started on Drums 47%
2Beginner 2Getting Started on Drums 36%
3Beginner 3Getting Started on Drums 32%
4Beginner Group LevellerLevelling Group 29%


# Name Description % Progress
1Rock and Pop 1Introduction to Rock and Pop 65%
2Rock and Pop 2Rock and Pop Fills 40%
3Rock and Pop 3Rock and Pop Bass Drum Variations 44%

Grade I

# Name Description % Progress
1Basic Pad Patterns 116ths Basic Pad Pattern Exercises 4%
2Basic Pad Patterns 216ths Basic Pad Pattern Exercises 3%
3Basic Pad Patterns 316ths Basic Pad Pattern Exercises 1%
4Around the Kit 1Getting Around the Kit 31%
5Drum Fills Level 1Some Basic Drum Fills 8%
6Drum Fills Part 2Drum Fill Exercises 1%
7Open Hi Hat PatternsOpen Hi Hat Pattern Exercises 5%


# Name Description % Progress
1Snare AccentsSnare Accent Exercises 1%
2Bass Drum EnduranceBass Drum Endurance Exercises 41%
3Foot Patterns 1Intermediate Foot Patterns 0%
4Foot Patterns 2Intermediate Foot Patterns 0%
5Foot Patterns 3Intermediate Foot Patterns 0%
6Funky StuffCollection of Funk Grooves and Fills 0%
7Kit AccentsKit Accent Exercises 0%
8Hi Hat Foot PatternsHi Hat Foot Exercises 0%
9Independence Part 1Independence Exercise 0%
10Sextuplet FillsSextuplet Fill Exercises 0%


# Name Description % Progress
1Rock Level 1 - ACDCLearn to Play ACDC's Highway to Hell 76%
2Rock Level 2 - ZZ TopLearn to Play ZZ Top's Gimme All Your Loving 68%
3Rock Level 3 - RainbowLearn to Play Rainbow's Since You've Been Gone 53%
4Rock Level 4 - PretendersLearn to Play Pretenders' Back on the Chain Gang 58%
5Rock Level 5 - TotoLearn to Play Toto's Hold The Line 69%


# Name Description % Progress
1RudimentsStudy Drum Rudiments 1%
2Roll RudimentsDrum Rudiments 22%
3Flam RudimentsDrum Rudiments 0%
4Drag RudimentsDrum Rudiments 0%
5Diddle RudimentsDrum Rudiments 2%
6Five Stroke RollDrum Rudiments 0%
7Nine Stroke RollDrum Rudiments 1%

Great Drummers Series

# Name Description % Progress
1BonzoA Collection of Led Zeppelin Exercises and Grooves 1%

Stick Control

# Name Description % Progress
1Stick Control 1Simple Hand Technique Exercises 10%
2Stick Control 2Simple Hand Technique Exercises 0%
3Drum Pad Exercises 1Exercises Just for Drum Pad or Snare Drum 14%
4Drum Pad Exercises 2Exercises Just for Drum Pad or Snare Drum 7%
5Drum Pad Exercises 3Exercises Just for Drum Pad or Snare Drum 2%

Daily Warm Ups

# Name Description % Progress
1Monday Warm UpSet of exercises for a Monday Warm Up 72%
2Tuesday Warm UpSet of exercises for a Tuesday Warm Up 81%
3Wednesday Warm UpSet of exercises for a Wednesday Warm Up 67%
4Thursday Warm UpSet of exercises for a Thursday Warm Up 75%
5Friday Warm UpSet of exercises for a Friday Warm Up 77%
6Saturday Warm UpSet of exercises for a Saturday Warm Up 75%
7Sunday Warm UpSet of exercises for a Sunday Warm Up 75%
8Warm Up LevellerLevelling Group 60%

Play Alongs

# Name Description % Progress
1Play AlongsPlay along to some cool drum tracks 18%