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Here is a list of your favourite exercises.

#     Name Description % Progress
1 Snare Fill on 4e+aSimple Fill 19%
2 1e+a 2+ 3e+a 4+16th Basic Pad Pattern4%
3 1 2e+a 3+ 4+16th Basic Pad Pattern3%
4 1+a 2+a 3+a 4+a16th Basic Pad Pattern11%
5 Floor Tom Crescendo FillFill Build Up Using Sixteenth Notes on Crash, Snare and Floor Tom
6 Bass Drum Variation 123+4Bass Drum Variations24%
7 Constant FlowNever Ending Triplets Around the Kit37%
8 Triplet PhasingTriplets Around the Kit3%
9 Two Tom BounceMoving Around the Kit With Eighth Notes
10 Play Along 4Play Along67%
11 Warm UpThrow Down0%