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Single Stroke Roll

Roll Rudiment

  • Hear Chart 100 bpm
  • Metronome 119 bpm  
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    set [  30  ]

=99 - 120  |   Single Stroke Roll   |  =5minutes

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Single Stroke Roll

   Drum Chart    Exercise #1   Beginner to Intermediate

Single Stroke Roll  ROLL RUDIMENT

Exercise Icon key

Sticking changes   Change Sticking Pattern

The exercise sticking pattern changes every 1 minute e.g. RL to LR, RR to LL. You will hear an audio cue.

Keep a pulse with the hi hat   Hi Hat Pulse

Try to play the exercise with quarter notes or eighth notes on the high hat.

Exercise Notes      ROLL RUDIMENT

Practice this exercise every day. Play each note with even timing and at even volumes and tone. Bring the stick down with the same velocity and aim for the same spot on the drum or pad on each strike.

Carry out the exercise as 4 bar measures. Play 4 bars, stop, count in (1234) and repeat - it is important to start the roll off smoothly and evenly. Keep your shoulders, arms, wrists and hands relaxed and maintain a good sticking position and movement. If you practice nothing else practice this exercise every day. Keep to the prescribed metronome speeds and play for the full time on the timer. Don't be tempted to accelerate and lose control.


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