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Single Paradiddle

Diddle Rudiments

  • Hear Chart 100 bpm
  • Metronome 120 bpm  
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    set [  30  ]

=99 - 120  |   Single Paradiddle   |  =5minutes

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Single Paradiddle

   Drum Chart    Exercise #54   Beginner to Intermediate

Single Paradiddle  DIDDLE RUDIMENTS


Exercise Icon key

Sticking changes   Change Sticking Pattern

The exercise sticking pattern changes every 1 minute e.g. RL to LR, RR to LL. You will hear an audio cue.

Repeat the exercise   Repeat Recommended

It is recommended to do this exercise at least 2 times, consecutively each session.

Recommended Repeats Done   Recommended Repeats Done

The recommended number of repeats have been done.

Exercise Notes      DIDDLE RUDIMENTS

The single paradiddle is a must know rudiment for any serious drummer. Its uses and versatility are limited only by your creativity. Notice how the right arm and left arm move up alternately with every 4 sixteenth notes - the roots of this rudiment lie in marching drummers who moved their right hand and foot (and left-hand and foot) together as they marched.

Practice this exercise with and without the accent on the lead of each series of four sixteenth notes. When you feel at ease leading with your right hand, change the sticking pattern, and play LRLL RLRR.


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